Our Mission

to provide a versatile and fully loaded digital marketplace that is accessible to professional seo’s and business owners alike.


When SerpSpace was first considered and we began to put our heads and experience together one thing was abundantly clear. We wanted to create a single place for not only our own needs, but for anyone who wanted to get into SEO. This meant creating an environment that was accessible to everyone.

As time went on we began to expand our marketplace into the vast assortment of products and services we all know today, and it is still evergrowing. The constant addition of new products and services to our line is a testament to the constantly changing environment that is SEO. It is by keeping up with all of these changes that we remain an industry leader. That is why you can be assured that when you visit the SerpSpace marketplace, you are getting techniques that are on the bleeding edge of our Industry.


It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and our modern world is the epitome of this. SerpSpace is the product of our own feelings of need and our answer to what we saw as a gap in the market. As our team looked around for solutions for our clients and researched different methods, it became painfully obvious a singular solution was not present. The further we dug and the more people we spoke with, the further it cemented the idea; If we want something done, we were going to have to do it ourselves. It was about that time the first inceptions of the SerpSpace marketplace came into existence and we began to shape it into something we could be proud of.


When SerpSpace first went live, it was founded on a partnership between Roman Barnes and Tony Moustakas with many of the behind the scenes aspects being handled by no more than a handful of some of their closest associates. It was from these simple beginnings that the multi-level digital marketplace we all know today was grown, and grow it did. The sights were set on becoming the most versatile marketplace available today, so the only way to go was bigger.


As an ever growing marketplace and business as a whole, many members were added to the SerpSpace team. Many members joined as experts in their own areas and quickly began to make up a series of department heads.These figures would go on to specialize in creation and delivery of very specific products and become our very own inhouse experts. A very large addition came to our team all at once when we partnered with the great minds over at SemanticMastery.com to deliver even more great options. This would go on to be a very large step in our relatively new history.


The world of SEO is an ever evolving puzzle that requires constant updates and research to stay even close to on top of. As a result there are many different paths and approaches to success that can be taken that will ultimately converge at the same goal. This was to be the case with SerpSpace and her then sister company Semantic Mastery. While we were all looking to the same end result of providing quality SEO services, our journeys were not down the same path. With fond wishes and hopes of mutual success, SerpSpace parted ways with SM and began once again on her own path.


Today the SerpSpace Marketplace contains more digital marketing supplies than it ever has. We provide marketing support to business owners and agencies alike. As with any journey, you will always meet like minds along the way. SerpSpace is now proud to have the web-renowned Mike Pearse and Brad Mabry as part of our team and progress has never been better. We have collectively been able to consistently expand our product offerings and methods to meet nearly any SEO need.


Like life and SEO itself, one can never truly know where tomorrow will take you. While the road to get there will never be the same twice, our goals will never change. With the new allies we have with us and nothing but possibility ahead, we continue to learn. Understanding that no one really knows what is coming is one of the first steps in preparing for anything. Our ever growing team is ready to help your company on its own mission for success. Just like your business and ours, SEO is not a destination but a journey