Great stuff about Press Releases at a recent HDHO.

Q: Harold's up first. He says, "Hello everybody, thank you so much for giving us this space so we can ask our questions." You're welcome Harold. "Mine is, how often should I get press releases and what are some good topics?"

A: Well the frequency is really up to you. The nice thing about press releases is whenever a press release is picked up and distributed, it gets picked up by usually hundreds of websites so it's a kind of a natural occurrence to get a bunch of links back from a press release, because companies all the time are announcing news and it's a natural type thing. It's traditional. It's normal and so you can be a bit aggressive with press releases. I know I usually do them about once every two weeks. That's usually the speed with which I do it, until I get the results that I'm looking to achieve, which is typically to rank in the three pack. Sometimes it's organic stuff, it depends, but for the most part I'm trying to rank in the Maps pack and usually I just do them about every two weeks.

However, I know Rob, for example, the co-creator of RYS Reloaded with Marco, he just hammers the shit out of sites with press release, after press release, after press release and he's able to get results so I don't think there's much of a velocity issue. Again, I do it about every two weeks, but I know that it's been done a lot more than that. The frequency a lot higher than that and it hasn't caused any issues. Marco, do you have a comment on that at all?

Yeah, as a matter of fact, I haven't seen it. Like you said, we just bang one right after another and we stack them the right way going after different URLs. Now we have another press release service that has even more publication sites so that's a really good mix. It's really good to mix them up. One of them gives us embeds, which is even better for us and so it's a lot of good things that you could do and a lot of nasty things that you can do with press releases.

Yeah. All right, and as far as good topics, Harold, all right, so there's a couple of things I want to mention here about topics. One, pretty much anything can be turned into a press release. Any sort of company news, any sort of seasonal changes, sales, specials, new products, new services. Anything at all can really be worthy of a news release to be written. What I've been doing for the most part is we published press releases anytime a customer review has been received by one of my lead gen sites or one of my contractor, client sites, excuse me. That's another reason to publish a press release is because you're announcing the glowing testimonial review that you just received, right? That's just another example and I like using that method because it encourages the business owners to solicit reviews from their customers and then every time they get a review, I get notified and I go publish a press release for it and I get to bill them for it, and they get to puff out their chest and say, "Look at me, look at how awesome we are."

I've been using that method. In fact, that's our front end service on our new agency. It's doing basically reputation. It's a combination of video marketing, reputation marketing and PR marketing. It's a combination of those three and that's our front end service. It's a very, very powerful way.

Also, any time you publish a blog post typically you could do that. Now, the last thing I want to mention about that is if you've got a good writer, a PR writer that you work with, a good PR writer will typically be able to create an angle out of just about anything. So an angel or a news hook out of just about anything. The other option would be to use the press release writers from the distribution service that you're using.

For example in Serpspace, we don't even allow manually submitted PRs anymore, I don't think. I think we just have our net distribution service or network writers write them, because they know what the editorial guidelines are and a lot of those distribution service writers, right, that will provide as just an add on service, the press release to be written. It's usually about $30 or so or something like that and it ranges between $30 to $45, somewhere in that range, but a lot of times, all they need is just a handful of small details and then they'll create the news hook, because they know what they're distribution network is looking for, if that makes sense?

A lot of times all I'll do is just list who, what, when, where and then a quote from a company executive or in the case of using a review, I just quote the review, whatever the customer review text was that's the quote. Does that make sense? That's all we do and it's very, very simple and I love it because it takes the content marketing side of things off my shoulders. We still have bloggers that do the curating and stuff, but I don't have to think about so many content ideas for press releases anymore. We just say, "Hey go get another review. As soon as you get a review, let me know.