Marco gives his opinion about private networks not being all that private at a recent HDHO!

Q: “Hey, Semantic Mastery gang. Happy new year. My question is what's the deal with PBNs for 2018? I see a lot of conflicting information about setting them up and how to use them. I am so confused and I really don't know what to do.” I'm going to let Marco take that one because I know he's got a strong opinion on it.

A: I wanted to rant when I saw this because people who are still using the term PBN are doing the industry a disservice. There's no such thing as a PBN anymore. Name me the last private blog network that you got into and you got some links and it actually did something for your rankings. I mean truly private. Because the moment that they advertise, it's no longer private. I mean that's an oxymoron. Private blog network, but you advertise. Right? You go out and you do it in Google and Google's looking for you. What's going on now is that PBNs or whatever it is that you want to call them, I don't know what we're going to call them, what it's become it's a link network. You could do your own link network, but it takes a lot of time and effort. You can't just go the way that you used to get an expired domain and just bring it back, put a link in there and link to your website and that's it. It was fine. Now we're talking about relevance. Is there activity relevance, right, and trust and authority? That all comes into play. Why? Because Google figured out that instead of going after the private blog networks, all they had to do was go after the type of links that these private blog networks provided, which were garbage to start with. They came up with the distance graph. What the distance graph did is it devalued most of the links, unless your links came from what's called a seat site or a seat set. If you Google The Death of the PBN, Death PBN, I forget what I called the blog post from back in 2015 December, it tells you what happened and why it happened. I told you way back when Google simply came public with what they were going to do with these types of links. How do you fix that? How do you make these links quality? Well, it's something that has to be worked on. We do it through RYS Reloaded. We do it through drive stacks. We do it through Google sites. That's inside the belly of the beast. You can't get any closer to trust and authority than that. Then we get some activity going. We get tons of relevance going. We don't need to go to a PBN type thing to do it. We could call it satellites because we do use a Peter Drew's List Site Builder to push relevance to something that maybe a little bit difficult to push up. Right? Maybe we have a keyword. We'll build a page for it. We'll push actual relevance. It might just take an extra folder inside the main drive folder for that keyword, an extra page, an extra push page. I mean so many things work. Press releases have quality links that you could use. There's so many places where you can grab quality links. Our own Syndication Academy over time builds up the quality, the relevance, the trust, the authority and activity, all of the things that you need to make this work. I get upset when I see people still using the term PBN. Even in one of the bigger Facebook groups that still push PBNs, the person who started the group came out and said that PBN were no longer working the way that they used to. You have to do them differently, but he's still calling them PBNs and I don't understand why because they're not PBNs. I mean that's my take on it. If you guys have another take on it or if you can expound on what I said, you're more than welcome, but to me the upsetting thing is that in 2018 we're still calling them PBNs and that's a disservice to the community.