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Building Trust Generates Rankings

It should come as no surprise that Google will favor sites it deems to have more trust than the next one. Google is no different than we are in this respect. When we promote or give praise to our friends and associates, it is a huge signal of trust. When someone pops up for a search it's like google saying “How about my friend here, they can help you with that!”

Build your Trust With Google By Taking Trustworthy Actions

The easiest way to build trust with Google is to be honest. Getting a verified GMB listing directly provides your Name, Address, and Phone Number to Google and lets them see that you are a real business. Once your listing is in fact verified, Google now understands that the information therein, is true. This puts your NAP information directly into Google's main database. All external sources and signals (databases) act as a secondary validation of that information.

Broaden your scope and reach out to new clients wherever you offer service

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A Trust Signal Straight From Google

When you get a verified GMB you are complimenting your existing website with public visibility and local exposure. The information that is contained in these lisings can be used by Google all over its various properties and searches. This will further identify you to potential clients and anyone looking for your type of good or service.

Expand To The Area You Actually Service

Getting a GMB for your physical location is a fairly simple and near mandatory step to achieve local success. The problem comes when your service area is larger than the area considered by Google. Perhaps you service surrounding areas by delivering products directly to your clients or even have representatives in other towns. Whatever your reason is, we understand you can reach much farther than just what is around you and that is exactly why this service was created. Reach your entire audience and make sure they know you are available, regardless of you physical location.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions please reach out to our Team Members via Live Chat or a Support Ticket for more information.

How many GMB Can I have for one business?
There is no maximum number or limit you should be looking to achieve. Typically speaking, a single GMB per postal code you service is sufficient to pull in traffic from a wider area. As you expand your business, you grow your service area right a long side and keep fresh clients rolling in.
Do I need a Physical Address in the new area?
No! That is what makes our GMB service so different. We are able to get you any area that you provide service to, regardless of your physical location. You can provide service to areas that are pretty far away if you really want to. We understand that those clients can certainly be worth the trek.
Do I need to have a website to use this service?
No! While typically this service is part of an overall SEO campaign, you can certainly just get your business information known to Google. While having a site would ultimately be helpful in securing you potential leads, this is not a mandatory part of ordering a GMB. If all you want is the page for your business, not a problem at all.

No physical location? No problem! Verified GMB’s for your entire service area

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