What it is

Simply a link, but so much more

At its core, a Power Post is a backlink to your site and that's it. Where it is placed and how we decide where to place it is where the real power comes from.

Not just a link on some Private Blog Network

While PBN posts can play a role in your marketing strategy, that is NOT what a Power Post is. Each link is placed on a real site that already has real traffic.

How it's done

Hand selected sites tailored to your order

When you order a Power Post Link you are guaranteed the best match for your project. Our team will hand-select the most relevant sites from our network of 1000’s.

Niche appropriate aged posts

Once we select a site that is appropriate, we do not stop there. Out team then looks for an aged and appropriate post that will help get you the best results.

Why It Works

We need Backlinks to rank, We already know that!

You need links pointing to your site, especially to rank in Google. Google has gotten a lot smarter over the years and it takes links with real authority to even get them to budge.

Web 2.0’s and Expired Domains are not enough on their own.

While these are a required foundation, they alone are not enough. Google knows when domains expire and when they get picked up again. As such, They can spot flimsy SEO at a mile. Real Backlinks on relevant high authority sites work with your other SEO efforts and help them all gain traction.

Links with Real Traffic Create real traffic

Getting a backlink from an established site that already has natural traffic and authority is one of the best ways to let Google know that you also have authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions please reach out to our Team Members via Live Chat or a Support Ticket for more information.

How many Power Post Links do I need?
As with any sort of link building, if you're not sure... start small. New or less established sites will do better with fewer links over time. Older sites, on the other hand, can take a lot more in a short period. For additional details please check out our webinar where we discussed many of these questions with our live audience.
How often can I / should I purchase posts?
While we do recommend about a 30 day period between buying new links, that is purely on a case by case basis. While your needs may differ from the next company, based on age and size, we always advise smaller steps. Purchasing a small number of posts and cycling through different URL’s each time will help to ensure a smooth journey.
Can I combine Power posts with Triple - T Posts?
Yes! Triple - T posts are highly targeted posts and have everything you would want. The only thing that makes them better is a Power-up from a Power Post. You can point both kinds of high-quality links at your main site. A Power Post is a great way to boost your Triple - T Post.
How do I see this product working?
The results should be in your rankings. Sites like Proranktracker.com can help you keep track of your current position for specific keywords. watching these fluctuations can help you get a better understanding of how effective your SEO efforts have been.
What is the Difference Between Power Posts Links and Triple - T Guest Posts?
A Power Post is a link on an existing niche relevant post on a real site with actual traffic. The Triple - T post, however, is a fully done for you 500+ word article that is created just for you. That article is then placed on an active blogging platform. The best part is, Power Post can be used to power up your Triple - T posts.