What It Is

A Guest Blog Post With A Punch

At its core, a Triple - T Blog Post is simply a Guest Blog Posting. This kind of relationship between blogs and sites like yours is fantastic for both. This creates a “Win-Win” situation for everyone involved in terms of traffic and linking.

As White Hat As It Gets

When it comes to SEO, finding a truly white hat solution can be tough. We use a fresh, 100% real publisher for every client to avoid leaving footprints. Best of all, we do all of the outreach for you.

Powerful Sites Make Powerful Posts

For a site to make it into our network, it has to meet a minimum standard. We combine data from Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic and SEMRush to select publishers that give a premium experience. Looking at this Big Picture gives a much better snapshot of how effective this will be over all. Each site has a minimum of

  • Traffic (SEMRush) - 50+
  • Trust Flow (Majestic) - 5+
  • Domain Authority (Moz) - 10+
  • Domain Referrals (Ahrefs) - 5+

How it's done

Niche Relevance Builds Trust

With dozens of niches in our vast network, we can get our clients published where it makes sense. Get your post on sites that you would WANT to be a part of and build power logically.

Designed For Engagement

A powerful guest post is great, but one with activity is even better. Each of our posts is created with enticing titles and words to encourage click through and generate traffic.

Not Just A Text Wall

Each Post will contain 1-5 images, copyright free of course, to bring it to life. Images create engagement and make your post seem all the more natural.

Quality Articles From English Writers

No amount of SEO can fix something that is unreadable. Our team of native English speakers will ensure that your content is the premium quality you would expect to see on blogs of this calibre.

Links Make The Web Go Round

With each post, we include 1-2 internal and external links to further boost relevance.

A fully written 500+ word professional article Included with every order

I want Quality Content

Why It Works

All of the work that goes into selecting where these posts go, is what gives them the real power. This is only made possible, however, because of the constant relationship building we do with our partners. Our team does Blog Outreach year-round to ensure our network can bring you the best opportunities and house nearly any topic.

Our 4 Step method to Blog outreach is what makes our network so powerful

Step 1 - The Search

When we start looking for sites to build relationships with, we make sure to hit the big niches. Using nearly 100 different search operators we scour the web to look for any opportunities we can for every keyword that we search. Based on our tried, tested, and true vetting methods, we choose the best publishers to begin building relationships with

Step 2 - The Metrics

When selecting the sites we will reach out to we cross-reference the most trusted forms of metrics available today. By combining data from Moz. Ahrefs, Majestic and SEM rush, we can identify the publishers that are truly premium and can actually help drive SEO rankings. Don't be fooled by other Guest Posting services that just look at the DA of their domains. We take care of the big picture with our networks so you don't have to.

Step 3 - Relationship Building

Once we select a site for our network, we start the creating a report. By providing a constant flow of High-Quality content we develop a working relationship with each publisher LONG before we even look at your post. Thanks to this process we can guarantee your content will be posted in 4 weeks or less.

Step 4 - Keep On Growing

To keep on top of the ever-changing world of SEO is a trick unto itself. Keeping things fresh, however, is always a must. This is why our full-time outreach managers are sending out thousands of emails every month to ensure our network is constantly growing. This means that for nearly every niche, there is a guest blog posing opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions please reach out to our Team Members via Live Chat or a Support Ticket for more information.

How many Triple - T Guest Posts do I need?
As with any sort of link building, if you're not sure... start small. New or less established sites will do better with fewer links over time. Older sites, on the other hand, can take a lot more in a short period. For additional details please check out our webinar where we discussed many of these questions with our live audience.
How often can I / should I purchase posts?
While we do recommend about a 30 day period between buying new links, that is purely on a case by case basis. While your needs may differ from the next company, based on age and size, we always advise smaller steps. Purchasing a small number of posts and cycling through different URL’s each time will help to ensure a smooth journey.
Can I combine Power posts with Triple - T Posts?
Yes! Triple - T posts are highly targeted posts and have everything you would want. The only thing that makes them better is a Power-up from a Power Post. You can point both kinds of high-quality links at your main site. A Power Post is a great way to boost your Triple - T Post.
How do I see this product working?
The results should be in your rankings. Sites like Proranktracker.com can help you keep track of your current position for specific keywords. watching these fluctuations can help you get a better understanding of how effective your SEO efforts have been.
What is the Difference Between Power Posts Links and Triple - T Guest Posts?
A Power Post is a link on an existing niche relevant post on a real site with actual traffic. The Triple - T post, however, is a fully done for you 500+ word article that is created just for you. That article is then placed on an active blogging platform. The best part is, Power Post can be used to power up your Triple - T posts.

Thousands of sites in dozens of niches. We have a spot that is just right for you.

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